Once you have decided on your car, you may want to take advantage of some of the most competitive finance products in the country from one of the select finance companies we use.

Finance Options:

  • Hire Purchase allows you to place a deposit on your chosen vehicle, leaving you to pay the finance company back in equal monthly payments. Once all of the payments are made, you own the car. You can over pay a monthly payment, shortening the term of the agreement or lowering future monthly payments, whichever you decide. The total interest payable is recalculated and reduced if you do decide to over pay.
  • Contract Purchase is a very popular way of affording to buy a more expensive vehicle. Choose your car and pay us a deposit. The finance company will pay the balance and agree a monthly payment from you . At the end of the agreement there is a final "balloon" payment which you can either pay off and own the car, or decline and hand your car back to the finance company without further financial obligation. Mileage restrictions do apply, so if you hand the vehicle back with higher mileage than you stated you would do at the start of the agreement, there will be a penalty charge.
  • Contract Hire allows you to hire a car or van for a set period of time. The finance company will take into account what mileage you expect to cover, whether you require maintenance and servicing included and how long you would like to keep the car. At the end of the agreement you simply hand the car back to the finance company.

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